The OptiSep® 1000 is the perfect laboratory module for all bench top filtration applications including cell separation, protein concentration, and diafiltration of salts. These convenient and economical modules are compatible with your existing laboratory equipment. Whether you are developing a process for future scale-up or performing scale down trials, OptiSep® filter modules with the patented SmartFlow® technology offer improved fluid dynamics providing true linear scalability, maximum yields, and decreased processing times.

OptiSep® filter modules are available in a broad range of membrane pore sizes and polymers, making the OptiSep 1000 an ideal tool for laboratory TFF testing / optimization of operations such as harvesting culture bags and bench top fermentors. OptiSep® 1000 modules provide the opportunity to compare membrane options, channel heights, shear rates, and TMP. In addition, these modules offer a unique dual mode of operation allowing the module to be configured in either cross-flow (TFF) or dead end cartridge mode.